Meresoy mini Massage Gun

【Product Features】

  • Muscle Soreness Relieves:Meresoy massage machine helps for relieves tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs. It’s great for personal use as well as being one of the best massage device for professional users, perfect for a physical therapist or chiropractor.

  • Super Quite:Meresoy professional deep tissue massager has 16V brush-less motor and quite glide noise reduction technology that bring high power but low noise experience. You can use it at home, gym,office

  • Adjustable Intensity:Meresoy neck massager pad has 3 speed strength levels with indicator lamp design which allow you to get the right and appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.

  • Replacement Massage Heads:Meresoy massage gun offers four customized massager heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage.

  • Lightweight:Only 0.8kg and silicone handle is better for gripping, and prevent slips and falls from hand also easy for women using.

【6 Replacement Massage Heads】

  • Ball head:Suitable for massaging muscles such of arms, back, buttocks, thighs and calves

  • Y shape head:Suitable for massaging the neck, vertebrae

  • Cone head:Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as energy channels (in Chinese medicine), joints, palms, and soles

  • Flat head:Suitable for relaxing muscle

  • Satinless steel flat head:Suitable for relaxation of various muscle groups, better material experience

  • Satinless steel semicircle head:Suitable for all muscle groups, better material experience

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