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Home Care


Home Nursing Care

For homebound clients and their caregivers who need assistance on nursing care at home. According to the client's needs, Easy Healthcare provides tailor-made home care and consultation solutions. Instead of traveling back and forth to hospitals and clinics, at-home medical and nursing services bring convenience and peace of mind to clients especially the aged and those with travel limitation. Based on different needs and prescriptions of doctors, healthcare personnel referred by Bamboos can offer individual or regular special care services, including:

  •  Peritoneal Dialysis

  •  Wound Care

  •  Ostomy and Stoma Care

  •  Replace foley and drainage bag care

  •  Medicine injection: insulin and other prescribed injection

  •  Intravenous infusion

Home Environment Assessment and Adaption

Healthy home environment assessments engage home visitors, often community health workers (CHWs), similarly trained asthma outreach workers, other professionals, paraprofessionals, or volunteers to assess and remediate environmental health risks within the home. Programs typically focus on improving asthma management via low-cost changes such as improved ventilation, integrated pest management (IPM), and other forms of allergen control. Programs may also provide low emission vacuums, allergen-impermeable bedding covers, air filters, cleaning supplies, and supplies for roach abatement.

Care Giver Training

If you have never been a caregiver before, you could become stressed or feel unprepared about taking care of your care recipient. There are many things you will need to consider, including important information and techniques on how to create a safe and supportive environment for your care recipient.

Typical subjects covered in such training may include:

  • Personal care techniques, including proper bathing techniques and lift-and-carry technique

  • Recognizing early warning signs of health issues and illnesses (such as dementia), how to check for basic vital signs and management of chronic illnesses.

  • Courses relating to specific diseases like Dementia and Stroke

  • Clinical skills like tube feeding, catheter care, and tracheostomy care

  • Courses on emotional coping: How to access and take advantage of local resources for both the caregiver and the care recipient

  • Maintaining one's health and wellbeing as a caregiver

Caregiver training can be conducted at the care recipient’s home or at training facilities. The training is usually conducted by a team comprising nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

Home Palliative Care

The main goal of palliative care in the home is to improve the quality of life for patients. At Easy Healthcare, we believe that receiving care in the patient’s own home is comforting, convenient and reduces stress.

Following are the palliative services that can come to your home:

  • Medical evaluations, including monitoring for common symptoms like nausea, vomiting, pain, and anxiety

  • Prescribing medications to ease these symptoms

  • Additional medical applications like treating wounds and other medical needs

  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitation needs

  • Providing emotional and spiritual support in addition to physical

  • Providing social interaction

  • Providing guidance on navigating the healthcare system and understanding individual healthcare needs

The patient can benefit from....

  • Maximum convenience – we come to your home, on your time

  • Remain as comfortable as possible in your own familiar surroundings

  • Avoid additional costs for hospital stays, medical fees, travel, etc.

  • Receive help for medical, emotional and spiritual support need

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