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Founded in 2007, the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable organization. The foundation was founded by pharmacists who wish to provide pharmaceutical service and improve elderly medication use in old-age homes by using their expertise and professional knowledge.

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Pong's Prosthodontics Center was established in 2012 and has a number of senior dentists, covering multiple specialties, and has clinics in Hong Kong and Kowloon. In 2019, they were invited to enter the hospital-level clinic building H Zentre to provide the public with the highest quality dental care services with top equipment and professional teams.


Child Cares Foundation was established as a non-profit charity in August 2014. Children are in great need of protection and nurturing. Through education, games and sports, material support and skill training, they can develop their interests and cultivate good citizens.Their mission is still centered on caring for the well-being of children and young people, which is also the foundation for the development of the Association.

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The three born in the 1980s found that their families had no sustenance after retirement and accelerated aging, so they established the "Happy-retired" website ( and mobile app in 2014 to provide one-stop services  of activities and work information which suitable for quasi-retirement / newly retired people, hope the "new middle-aged" will have a happier, healthy and fulfilling life.

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Sparkle Healthcare is a social enterprise set up by a group of caregivers with extensive experience in home care for the elderly. With their extensive experience in caregiving, they understand the problems and difficulties that caregivers may encounter day to day. They provide one-stop shop service to take care of your elderly and share your pressure in caregiving by offering the best rehabilitation and day-to-day care to your beloved elderly. 

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Heart-to-Heart Lift Education Foundation Limited concerned about society’s attitudes towards life and death, and our vision is "Give meaning to life and live a life of rainbow ". They promote a positive life and the belief in cherishing life. Through life and death education activities, they eliminate the taboos on death in society and also discusses death positively, achieving the concept of "no taboo" and promoting the "good life and good death" culture.

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Clinic First is built with the view of being highly secure, available, affordable and scalable. Founded by a group of people with decades of computer systems experience, innovation is at the heart of our product. We will continue to add features and value to the user to ensure their experience is enjoyable as well as creating efficiencies for the practice.


Wing Hang Medical Supplies was established in January 1985. This company provides diversified range of medical related products and services to an extensive customer base, both local and overseas. They were the pioneer in Hong Kong in various aspects and also the first to introduce disposable adult diapers.


"Memorial Ceremony" is a platform that provides services related to funerals. In addition to providing professional funeral consulting services, it will provide optional services that can upgrade the content or procedures of the funeral ceremony without affecting the work of the family's originally scheduled funeral coordinator.

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