Ms. Roselyn Chan

Mrs. Chan Chun Fai, Roselyn completed her undergraduate physiotherapy training in Hong Kong and Master of Health Science in Physical Therapy in USA in 1990s. Meanwhile, she also received Traditional Chinese Medicine training in Hong Kong and China. She is a registered Physiotherapist in HK, UK & Australia, a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in HK, a lecturer of Continuing Education Program for Chinese Medicine Practitioners, a Mindfulness Yoga Practitioner, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, a Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning (MBSEL) Tutor, a Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin Rehabilitation Instructor and a DMA Qualified Pilates Clinician.


Roselyn has a clear life goal of “Learning how to become healthier physically and mentally, and facilitating health for more people”. Besides getting multi-professional licenses, Roselyn continuously improves herself in health related disciplines in order to reduce her clients’ sufferings. She has participated in numerous courses about manual therapy (e.g. osteopathy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, etc.), exercise therapy (e.g. fitball, pilates, Taichi, Mu Lan Chuen, etc.) and natural therapy (e.g. healthy diet, relaxation, aromatherapy, etc.) in different countries. Roselyn obtained the graduated diploma of Caritas Parental Education Academy. She has also completed mindfulness training programs for Mindfulness Yoga Practitioner, Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning Tutor, Mindfulness Tutor and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. In addition, she has joined many seminars about psychology, parental training, gifted education, neuro-linguistic programming and enneagram, etc.

With thirty-year continuous education, as well as wide clinical & teaching experience, Roselyn understands the close relationship of Body- Mind-Spirit. Her assessment and treatment are based on a holistic approach combining the Chinese and Western therapies, considering both physical and psychosomatic perspectives. Roselyn aims to normalize biomechanics, structures and functions. Her therapy style is gentle and effective. Roselyn facilitates clients to detect their physical and psychosomatic problems through mindfulness body scan. Not only the painful areas, but also the related regions and problems are treated. She observes subtle abnormalities in order to find the root causes of the medical problems. Then she designs a tailor-made therapy program, making good use of the clients’ existing resources, so as to maximize rehabilitation potential, but minimize dependency on passive treatment in the clinic. She is particularly good at integrating active exercises into passive treatments like cupping, acupuncture, manual therapy, heat and electrical modalities. She provides excellent treatment to clients of all ages and various conditions. She is particularly good at treating soft tissue tightness and pain conditions, related or unrelated to sports. She facilitates the symmetry of the body, the mobility of joints, the flexibility of soft tissues, the control of muscles and good circulation of the affected areas. Roselyn is capable of demonstrating both immediate and accumulative treatment effects in most clients. As a result, the clients feel better, look better, function better and remain healthier in the long run. This approach may also enhance sports performance and decrease the chance of re-injury.

It is not uncommon that clients, especially those with complicated and difficult clinical conditions, are impressed by Roselyn’s prompt and long-lasting therapeutic outcomes. Many patients, including some distinguished people, have recovered or improved with Roselyn’s therapy. Most clients give positive feedback and appreciate highly on Roselyn’s therapy style and outcomes. Patients may consider Roselyn’s unique therapy as an alternative/ complementary option to medication, herbs, and surgery.

Roselyn understands that only limited number of clients can be helped if treating patient one by one. In order to facilitate health in more people, she teaches healthcare professionals like Chinese Medicine Practitioners, therapists and nurses, as well as laymen like teachers, students, white collars and blue collars. Through mindfulness body scan, breathing, mindfulness based exercises and games, Roselyn shares pain and stress management techniques in different functions, organizations and schools.

  • Chief Physiotherapist

  • Chief Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • lecturer of Continuing Education Program for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

  • Mindfulness Yoga Practitioner

  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning (MBSEL) Tutor

  • Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin Rehabilitation Instructor and a DMA Qualified Pilates Clinician