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Cold & Hot Pad

Hot & Cold Pack

• Cold & Hot dual functions

• Special drip-free fabric cover allows the skin

   to breathe

• Dual straps designed for easy fitting to the


• Frost Free & frostbite- proof

Moist Heating Pad


• Relieve fatigue, muscle/ joint pain

• Effectively improve blood circulation without         

   causing dry and itching allergy

• Far infrared and moist heating effect dilates blood

   vessels thus increases blood flow

• Air moisture is trapped within the cover, and   

   will be vaporized when the pad starts to         

   generate heat energy, resulting in moist-heat

• Moist-heat penetrates into the body in a

   deeper level than dry heating

• 4 timer presets: 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes

• 4 temperature presets: 45° C, 55° C, 65° C,


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